[wp-hackers] 120-day release cycle

Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Mon Oct 2 17:14:05 GMT 2006

___/ On Mon 02 Oct 2006 12:46:54 BST, [ Matt Mullenweg ] wrote : \___

> Elliotte Harold wrote:
>> It's better to set up separate branches in the source repository so  
>>  the crazy fun wild development can run in parallel with the  
>> testing  and polishing.
> We would continue to create branches for major releases to release
> bugfix and security releases as needed.

Unless  I  misinterpreted  something, I think  Elliotte  was
referring  to  the  need for constant  vigorous  development
where  testing  milestones are reached and future  extension
carries  on  simultaneously  (not only  bugfixes  for  older
supported  releases). A bit like stable and unstable Debian,
or  even  the  Kernel Mm tree that is maintained  by  Andrew
Morton.  I  suppose  that Fedora and RHEL would  be  another
example...  that  in  itself signals the need  for  multiple
patchmasters or maintainers, I think.

Again,  sorry  if I misinterpreted that short reply. I  just
think  that  have the 'cutting-edge' version  of  WordPress,
apart  from the one which is in its 2-month testing  period,
would be awesome!

Best wishes,


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