[wp-hackers] 120-day release cycle

Doug Stewart zamoose at gmail.com
Mon Oct 2 10:47:29 GMT 2006

On 10/2/06, Mark Jaquith <mark.wordpress at txfx.net> wrote:
> suggested addenda:
> - Extra-long wp-meetup session around week 2, to discuss proposed
> goals for the next version
> - Put these goals up on Codex, but stress that they are not set in stone
> - Weekly reviews of these goals, during the first two months (during
> wp-meetup).
> - If, at the end of the two months, some of these goals are not yet
> implemented, we should push them off to the next version, and at that
> point we can release a list of major features that'll definitely
> appear in the next version (two months away, at this point).

I would agree with these suggestions as long as each and every one of
those goals/milestones gets translated into their Trac equivalent so
that all of the development information is centralized. It would be
quite easy to get the Codex and Trac out of sync and create confusion
and dissent unnecessarily.  Since there are explicit concepts of
"milestones", "features", "tasks/tickets remaining", etc. on Trac, we
should use them to their fullest extent.


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