[wp-hackers] some URL's Firefox gives open 'application/x-httpd-php' dialogue box?

Andre SC aclements at iafrica.com
Sun Oct 1 20:41:53 GMT 2006

Lloyd D Budd wrote:
> You write that "this happens on only some machines (both PC & Mac) and
> not others". Is it reproducible always on those computers? How often
> does it occur on those computers? Is it only on particular sites?
I didn't have a lot of time on the site where this was happening - at 
the co. for whom I have set up the site, it does this on three of about 
six machines, always the same page (+ Wordpress root folder, i.e. 'view 
site' admin panel link)

[ Okay, maybe this is a good time to admit that I've broken the 
WordPress site's pagination in order to sort 'post' lists by all kinds 
of weird and wonderful customised grouped orders - but this issue 
doesn't seem to affect those views per sé, but that plus a lot of UTW 
links has me a bit nervous that I may be inflicting unusually cruel and 
nasty demands on the shared server (@ 123ehost) :-{ ?. Still, it was all 
working fine up until last week sometime, will check with the ISP if 
they've recently changed anything.]
> Being also involved in Flock and Firefox development I am interesting
> if the "phenomena is spreading". What makes you suggest this?
Admittedly that statement may have been a bit premature, about an hour 
after posting this in the forum a response was posted saying: "That 
happens with my Firefox on just about every site I land on ..." (LynnR, 
I'm BCCing her, perhaps she would be so kind as to supply more examples 
to look into). However briefly searching the forum nothing similar comes 
up, except for one thread 
http://wordpress.org/support/topic/84555?replies=11 where the problem 
was 'resolved' by reinstalling firefox with a new profile - which seems 
like sweeping it under the carpet.

Unfortunately I'll only be able to go to the site where I know this is 
happening again next weekend :-(

Thanx for all the input


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