[wp-hackers] 2.1 Alpha new-post.php issue

Anthony Cole spartan.ii at mac.com
Thu Nov 30 22:34:02 GMT 2006

Hey guys,

Sorry if this doesn't belong here, but considering no one in IRC knew  
what was wrong and I don't think that anyone on the forums would know  
about this, I thought that coming here might be worth a shot. If this  
doesn't belong here, I'd love it if someone could kindly point me to  
where it does.

I've come along a slight issue with the latest trunk nightly (Nov. 29  
& 30 so far). I started this thing off at 2.0 and upgraded to 2.1  
alpha a while ago (can't remember the exact date, but possibly 2-3  
weeks ago) off of trunk, and thought it might be nice to upgrade to  
the latest nightly build as I'm launching this thing on Friday. So I  
upgraded to the first nightly (you don't know how stupid I feel  
now).    Something went horribly wrong. Every time I loaded the post  
screen, its load time clocked in at +/- 30 seconds. Then I tried the  
second nightly, and the same thing happened. As a first instinct,  
with the help of a few people in #wordpress, I checked out the mysql  
queries to see if anything was taking longer than it should.  
Everything was running just as it should have been, nothing was  
abnormally slow (see results here - http://pastebin.ca/262036). Next  
someone suggested that I should disable the cron, which I did.  
Nothing changed at all. No one else but me is experiencing this problem.

Then I thought, "hey, maybe I should check how PHP is handing this".  
I took a look at PHP, and it seems that something is going really  
wrong with the fcgi module. Every time the page loads, the CPU usage  
of the php5.fcgi module goes up to +/-10%. I'm just not sure what it  
could be. For those of you who are wondering, my host is Dreamhost.

I'm starting to get the idea that it might be my host, but the fact  
that it was working fine before I upgraded to the alpha is bugging  
me. I've learned my lesson on why not to use nightlies on a  
production site, but I want to fix this. I know that I have two  
options as it is: move back to 2.0.5 (database changes don't permit  
this, from what people have been telling me) or find an answer to why  
this is wrong.

Any help or even a point in the right direction would be really  
helpful to me.


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