[wp-hackers] Re: Changing MySQL minimum version

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Thu Nov 30 20:13:07 GMT 2006

That said, let's not loose sight that maybe something like 
wp-cache/Staticize needs to be adopted into the core (even if it's as a 
plugin still).  Nothing beats the performance of fully-static HTML, but 
mostly-static php can get close. ;)

Maybe that should branch off into another thread... ;)


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> He used to have a fairly attractive and heavily-trafficked WP site but
> when push came to shove, WP couldn't handle the load.  MT's static
> publishing might be a pain in the butt and have its own downsides, but
> MT-run sites run circles around WP sites when it comes to a digging,
> /.'ing, Penny Arcade "wanging" or an Instalanche.  I can't tell you
> how many frickin' times I've seen that WP "Error reaching the
> database" error screen on blog posts carelessly dugg.  I loathe
> Diggmirror, but such circumstances seemingly leave regular readers
> with  no choice.
> So a hearty +1DAM, +20 to hit on doing whatever we have to do to make
> the mysql portion of WP work better.

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