[wp-hackers] Improving WordPress' Performance WAS Changing MySQL minimum version

Komra Moriko komra at design4results.com
Thu Nov 30 20:23:40 GMT 2006

Hi Ryan,

Using 2.04 (2.1 not ready yet, right?)

These are the ones I added, made a huge difference in performance --  
we have 17000 posts and fairly heavy traffic.
I checked my slow query log, and used EXPLAIN to examine what was  
going on and added indexes for columns referenced in where statements:

CREATE INDEX cat_name ON wp_categories (cat_name);
CREATE INDEX post_date ON wp_posts (post_date);
CREATE INDEX post_date_gmt ON wp_posts (post_date_gmt);
CREATE INDEX post_status ON wp_posts (post_status);

Additionally, I have hacked the WP admin interface to make it more  
usable, adding more metadata to to the list of posts, and adding a  
browse category drop down and a separate Drafts page. Don't know if  
these can be incorporated into the new version, or if other UI  
optimizations are already taking place...

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On Nov 30, 2006, at 3:02 PM, Ryan Boren wrote:

> Komra Moriko wrote:
>> On WP, out of the box there are some expensive queries that are  
>> significantly remedied simply by adding indexes to certain tables.  
>> We run one installation under eAccelerator, and one under  
>> phpAccelerator. And after the database optimization, I still plan  
>> to install a hard page caching scheme, since the queries for paged  
>> category archives are the only slow queries that remain. (FWIW, WP- 
>> Cache does not behave well in either install.)
> What indexes did you add?  We added a few more in 2.1, but if there  
> are still more we should add do let us know.
> Also, are we talking about 2.0.x or 2.1 here?  We've done some  
> query optimization in 2.1, but we could use still more.
> Ryan
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