[wp-hackers] Replacing TinyMCE with Xinha

Chris Williams chris at clwill.com
Thu Nov 30 04:17:34 GMT 2006

WYSIWIG is different from Akismet.  You might not need akismet if you
have a small, local blog, or are just starting out.

But those are the people who definitely want/need a WYSIWIG.  WP is so
darn proud of the "five minute install" (and rightfully so), a good
WYSIWIG is a key part of the same message, IMHO.

So plug-in or not, I think it needs to be there from the start.

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From: John Ha
Subject: Re: [wp-hackers] Replacing TinyMCE with Xinha

Include as a plugin, like Akismet. It will still be there to activate if
need it. I'm not arguing against including WYSIWYG with WP. I guess when
think of core code, I think of bare essentials, especially when the
already employs a plugin framework. WYSIWYG is non-essential code,
should be a plugin. The plugin is a click away from activation. Or ship
with tinyMCE (or Xinha) plugin pre-activated.

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