[wp-hackers] Re: Setting post enclosures via XML-RPC

Steve Winton stevewinton at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 17:37:08 GMT 2006

On 11/28/06, Steve Winton <stevewinton at gmail.com> wrote:
> WP Gurus...
> Further to my previous post on metaWeblog.newMediaObject...
> I am trying to publish a podcast remotely via XML-RPC. It's all going
> well up to a point - I can upload the MP3 remotely, and publish a post
> containing a link to this MP3 in the 'Podcast' category. However, I've
> come across 1 issue. When the post is published via
> metaWeblog.newPost, the enclosures are not set, which is pretty
> crucial for a podcast.
> I'm happy to create my own XML-RPC function on the server to create
> the enclosures for a post (as far as I can see this is just a case of
> adding an 'enclosure' meta field to the post), but can anyone here
> give me some pointers of which WP functions I should hook in to, to
> achieve this? Or, has anyone got some other workaround for this?
> Many thanks,
> Steve

OK, add_post_meta is the answer, and I've hacked the following
together in xmlrpc.php, in mw_newPost()...

    $meta = $content_struct['meta'];
    if (is_array($meta)) {
      foreach($meta as $key=>$val){
        add_post_meta($post_ID, $key, $val, false);

This is doing the trick for me. I suppose the mw_editPost function
should be edited also for completeness, to allow the post meta to be

This approach also seems to be acceptable, according to the metaWeblog
API (http://www.xmlrpc.com/metaWeblogApi), i.e.

Where an element has attributes, for example, enclosure, pass a struct
with sub-elements whose names match the names of the attributes
according to the RSS 2.0 spec, url, length and type.

Any chances of getting this change into trunk?

Many thanks,

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