[wp-hackers] Lack of code savvy volunteers vs wp-hackers

Podz tamba2 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 25 20:23:34 GMT 2006

On 11/25/06, Michael B <miklb.online at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm not implying that it's "someone else's job" to answer the tough
> questions, I simply suggested that if more of the discussion about WordPress
> functions, etc was held in the forums, perhaps more people would have access
> to the info and possibly more answers would be given to the tougher
> questions.  Period.
> After sleeping on it, I wonder if there was a forum that was locked, that
> only mods could move threads to, thus giving "hackers" a place to go and
> answer tough questions could be a solution (if that's even doable with
> bbPress).

This would be extremely good. Not just that the hackers have somewhere
they can contribute to - but more importantly because it becomes
somewhere to learn. It would become a really valuable real-use example
of code.

The question is how the forum mechanics would work.
It could be a regular forum but policed strictly..? It's worth looking hard at.

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