[wp-hackers] Rewrite URIs Hack

Seamus Leahy leahy at au.org
Tue Nov 21 16:01:59 GMT 2006

I want to have more than one set of permalinks rules. As far as I can figure
out, you can only have one set of permalinks rules with the provided option.
Since I wish to change the permalinks rules and at the same time not break
links to the older posts, I need two sets of permalinks rules.

What they were:

What they will be:

I still want what they were to keep working.

On 11/21/06 10:48 AM, "Computer Guru" <computerguru at neosmart.net> wrote:

> I don't get what the problem is.
>> From the admin panel - options - permalinks you can create custom
> permalinks *exactly* how you want them to be.
>> From .htaccess you can redirect previous permalinks to your current
> permalink style.
> Can you explain where the trouble is?
> On 11/21/06, Seamus Leahy <leahy at au.org> wrote:
>> Linux with Apache.
>> On 11/20/06 2:46 PM, "Computer Guru" <computerguru at neosmart.net> wrote:

leahy at au.org | x220

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