[wp-hackers] Request for additional $before and $after parameters to wp_list_cats()

Vladimir Dzhuvinov vd at valan.net
Sat Nov 18 08:32:59 GMT 2006

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I registered at trac.wordpress.org and when tried submitting a new
ticket I got "Forbidden: TICKET_CREATE privileges are required to
perform this operation"

Could somebody with the required privilege submit the ticket for me please?

"Request for additional $before and $after parameters to wp_list_cats()"

Listing template functions such as get_archives() or get_links()
normally include parameters to include custom HTML code before or after
the listed items.

I need a $before parameter because certain browsers still have poor
support for the CSS :before directive and such a feature would
circumvent this problem.

[suggestion initially posted on the wp-hackers list]

Viper007Bond wrote:
> Open a ticket on trac: http://trac.wordpress.org/
> On 11/17/06, Vladimir Dzhuvinov <vd at valan.net> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Recently I migrated from Blogger to Wordpress 2.0.5. During
> customisation of my templates I noticed that the wp_list_cats() function
> doesn't support $before and $after parameters as other listing template
> functions do - e.g. get_archives() or get_links().
> I need a $before parameter because certain browsers still have poor
> support for the CSS :before directive.
> I implemented a tiny hack in template-functions-category.php which
> solved my problem (thank God Worpress is open source :) Still, I find
> the addition of $before and $after parameters a useful and consistent
> feature and would like to suggest it for future inclusion in the
> official code.
> Wish you a nice weekend,
> Vladimir

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