[wp-hackers] 2.1 Ongoing Work

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Tue Nov 14 04:16:36 GMT 2006

We knocked a few things off the list.  Several items are still outstanding.

> * Uploader improvements. (mdawaffe)

I think we've done enough here. mdawaffe?

> * Localize plugin and theme metadata.  Patch from nbachiyski waiting 
> review and commit.  #3089

I'm lame and still haven't worked this in yet.

> * RTL Support.  Support RTL in admin and default themes out of the box. 
>     Patches from Sewar waiting for commit.  #3136 #3217

I think we're pretty good here.

> * Finalize nomenclature of Blogroll/Links/Bookmarks.

Never made a decision here.  Using Links or Bookmarks seemed to be the 

> * Make decision on Combined Category behavior and UI.  Perhaps include 
> MarkJ's category UI work. #3130

We still have the combined category list with no way of filtering at the 

> * Autosave tweaking.  Still have some edge case bugs here.

Still some gotchas lingering, it seems.

> * wp_cron and future posts.  Any remaining issues?

See separate thread on this issue.  Need to handle race conditions.

> * Page on front.  We still have some issues lingering.

Looking better.  Still a couple of bugs to fix.

> * wp_list_bookmarks().  Is this complete?

This is pretty complete now.  I think we need to deprecate the older 
link API and make it use wp_list_bookmarks().

> * Import/Export.  Remaining issues?  Sufficient to replace DB backup?  I 
> think masquerade has some patches for this waiting.

masquerade, do you still have those patches floating around?  Currently 
export is not a complete replacement for backup since it doesn't 
preserve post IDs.

> * Bundling.  Include widgets?  Include scriptaculous?

I think we decided not to bundle anything.

* gettext string disambiguation #3337

Would like to get this in.


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