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___/ On Fri 10 Nov 2006 23:35:30 GMT, [ André Schieleit ] wrote : \___

> Hi,
> I want to use Wordpress as a cms for a website.
> There will be posts and pages.
> On one page I want to embedd a form where one can choose what will be
> shown on this page.
> As a stand alone page on an other website this works just fine.
> Embedded in Wordpress the initial page with the radio buttons and the
> select field will be shown correctly.
> My problem is, that after pressing the submit button, the parameters
> appended to the url will not be recognized by the form. So the chosen
> data will not be displayed, just the initial page.
> Additionally the layout is broken by this included page.
> Here's the page: http://elektroink.de/transistoren/
> Any hints how I can get this to work correctly?
> Best Regards,
>   André Schieleit
> PS: Here's the code of my page.php:
> <snip code />


I  will  probably get told off for suggesting Y when X  goes
wrong, but have you already considered the pros and cons of:

     1. iframe - may lead to indexing issues, not support many Web browsers,
        become a maintenance chore and so forth.

     2. static page - an admittedly-fragment element, may not retain sidebars,
        footers etc. that are up to date.

     3. modifying the code of the form to accommodate the spurious input that
        is received as this WordPress-as-a-CMS 'side effect'

The  other  possibility would quite evidently be  to  modify
WordPress, but software updates become an issue, even if you
'pluginise' the changes and strap them onto a hook.

Hope it helps,


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