[wp-hackers] Email system revamp

Jeff Minard jeff at jrm.cc
Sat Nov 11 06:10:13 GMT 2006

Andy Beard wrote:
> Someone commenting on a blog has to leave an email address, and using some
> plugins also has an option to have followup emails sent to them.
> This isn't an ideal system - it is actually very dangerous
> Here is a better way for it all to be integrated
> When you place a comment you have exactly the same interface as it is now.
> (with the plugin for followups)
> When you post a comment, a copy of what you posted is sent back to you by
> email
> If you reqested followups to the message, you will be provided with a link
> to click to confirm the subscription to the comments.
> Comments are only sent to you if you have confirmed it
> Every implementation of the subscribe to thread I have seen so far doesn't
> provide you with a link to remove your subscription.
> I think this is something major that needs to be looked at.

I agree with you.

A lot of people seemed to have missed, or simply dismissed this thread. 
I think you have a very valid point: Subscription to comments for email 
delivery without email confirmation is annoying, can be dangerous, and 
is at risk of being a legal liability (spam laws, etc).

However, as there is no "subscribe to comments" feature in the core, you 
may not be talking to the right people. I would find the best 
subscription plugin and write the author. If you can come up with a 
patch to include confirmation emails for subscription, I have no doubt 
the s/he would want to use it.

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