[wp-hackers] A New Codex?

Dave W dabbaking at gmail.com
Sat Nov 11 01:42:57 GMT 2006

Instead of trying to clean up the current codex, I think the best of the old
codex should be taken and put into a new codex with a better search type
feature. I know the whole point of a wiki is for it to be edited by
everyone, but the codex got this way because if someone can't find something
right away, they'll just add it. While this good most of the time, if it
actually in the codex somewhere, it just adds bloat. Maybe there could be a
policy instituted like Wikipedia has that some articles are locked down for
new users or someone would have to request a change to an important page.

If no one is that ambitious, I think at the very least there should be
keywords added to the most important pages so that people who have a general
idea on what to search for, can get their answer with a search that is
relevant to they're looking for. That is, instead of clogging up the mailing
lists or the support forums.

Questions, Comments, Flames?

Dave W

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