[wp-hackers] Paging by days

Scott Plumlee wp-hackers at plumlee.org
Wed Nov 8 14:20:58 GMT 2006

Ryan Boren wrote:
> Does anyone here page by number of days rather than number of posts? The 
> day paging query is funky and fragile. Removing it would be nice. No one 
> can agree on how paging by days should behave anyhow, so removing it 
> would end that dilemma. :-)
> Ryan

The times I've tried using it (if we are speaking of Show At Most.... on 
the Reading subpanel), I didn't like how non-intuitive it seemed to be 
(the days only count if there was a post on a day, if 
http://codex.wordpress.org/Reading_Options_SubPanel is still correct). 
If you end up keeping it, I'd rather just see the posts from the last X 
days, regardless of whether or not there were posts on some of those days.

I realize you are potentially setting up a condition where you might not 
  show ANYTHING, if the person had not posted within those X days, but I 
think it would simpler to see that and understand why it happened rather 
than how it works currently (again, assuming the Codex is still correct 
in this regard).

Or, give it an option box where you can check 'Count Empty Days' if you 
want to keep it that way. It would make more sense, I believe.

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