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Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Sun Nov 5 11:56:31 GMT 2006

___/ On Sun 05 Nov 2006 02:38:50 GMT, [ Dave W ] wrote : \___

> On 11/4/06, Matt Mullenweg <m at mullenweg.com> wrote:
>> The next version of Drupal is coming out with a pretty neat theme,
>> called Garland. Here's a demo page where you can customize it and save
>> you changes:
>> http://acko.net/garland/?q=admin/build/themes/settings/garland

It /is/ neat!

>> This is pretty darn neat. Anyone interested in porting it? The toggle,
>> logo, and shortcut icon bits are probably superfluous, but the color
>> picking functionality is great.

Isn't  porting  leading  to  perception  of  imitation   and
catch-up?  Personally,  while it's doable, I wouldn't  think
it's  a  wise  idea. It's like  having  Linux  distributions
prepackaged  with  Windows and OS X lookalikes (default,  or
among the themes). Themes become the identity of code that's
otherwise  invisible. It's all happening under the  surface.
At  the  back rooms, it's the brains (e.g. efficiency)  that
counts, not  the 'eye  candy'.   Going back to the  "less is
more" and "code is poetry" mottos...

One nice feature that Drupal offers is a global-type of user
registration,  which  obviates  the need  to  have  multiple
accounts.  I  am unaware of WordPress equivalents,  but  the
WordPress.com joint cookies resemble this.

IBM  have  bee  pushing Drupal quite hard recently.  I  hope
WordPress can shine through as not only a blogging platform,
but  also  as  a proven and self-acclaimed CMS.  The  subtle
implications  are  a peril for those who seek to use it  for
applications  that  it's perfectly able to handle.  As  Mark
says,  "I(we)  can  do that with WordPress".  Why  not  have
WordPress  state  that  rather than Mark  making  that  fair

> So it would basically be like the Kubrick header color changer on steroids.
> The actual design doesn't look hard to port, but the color picker might be a
> challenge.

I   think  that  PHP  or  ImageMagick  can  do  the   colour
transformation to generate static JPEG's. I can do that with
ImageMagick, but then again, there's  no  assurance the  Web
server has it installed.

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