[wp-hackers] WP Editor, uploading attachments, FireFox and ~ (tilde)

Rabin Vincent rabin at rab.in
Sat May 27 06:37:06 GMT 2006

On 5/27/06, Chris Lott <chris.lott at gmail.com> wrote:
> The current 2.0.2 WP upload facility, in conjunction with the editor,
> mangles the links to uploaded files if the blog has a ~ in the path
> and the user is posting with Firefox. The upload facility works fine,
> the file is there, but the link that is produced when the file is
> dragged to the editor changes from this:
> http://www.site.com/~user/wp-content/uploads/image.gif
> to
> http://www.site.com~user/%7Euser/wp-content/uploads/image.gif

I dove into the TinyMCE code and came up with a patch. You run it
against tiny_mce.js in wp-includes/js/tinymce.js. Get it here:



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