[wp-hackers] Best way to 'enhance' wp-comments-post.php

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Thu May 25 21:34:41 GMT 2006

>Of the filters/actions that do fire off only when a comment is
>submitted to wp-comments-post.php, it's the first 

Yeah, I've wondered about that... Can you imagine the reduced load the
Akismet servers would experience if the blocked words filter came first.
Suddenly Akismet wouldn't have to deal with any comments containing the
words Poker, Casino, Texas or Holdem.  I think that just might make a

My wife's blog has blocked 40,000 spams, which I suspect is probably pretty
low compared to most of you.  If I take out my .htaccess blocking stuff,
that spam rate ramps up very quickly. I suspect a majority of these spams
were poker related and given the number of WP blogs out there, that must add

One thing that I am shocked about is that my personal blog, which I setup on
February 28, has received a grand total of 14 spam comments in three months.
Is it simply the fact that I've had Akismet on since the beginning?  I'm
certainly known to the search engines...  Somebody pointed out that my post
on 1and1 and PEAR was Google's #1 listing within the first 24 hours.  And if
I was found by several spammers, surely I would be found by more.  Now, I'm
not complaining, but I am surprised I don't get more comment spam...  
Brian Layman

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