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The short answer is that, yes, dynamic page creation isn't that much of a
load. Obviously this load can be reduced via caching, an app server layer
(if you really need to go there ... I'm not convinced you do if you're
rolling it out to client sites, but it's always an option), DB and webserver
tuning, etc.

End of the day, if the sites are doing less than 100M pages/month in traffic
(and peaking at less than 10M/day), WP out of the box on 1-2 servers should
work fairly well. Obviously I'd recommend matching your hardware to your
uptime requirements, and budgeting for growth, but it's a nice, lean system
that, when properly tuned, can easily handle a crapload of traffic.

As I said earlier, we run WP with 25M pages. We have 3 servers in a cluster
(largely for uptime reasons more than anything). The cluster could easily do
40M pages with no tuning whatsoever, and probably 60-80M with some more
tuning, and the sky's the limit with better caching.

Properly managed, 2-5 servers can take you to the moon and back from a load
perspective with WP.

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Well here is the deal. I work for a company that builds websites
for mostly non-profits. These site range in size from 3-5 pages upward
or 100 pages. Most of the larger sites contain blog and news feeds and
2-12 feed categories.

Until last summer we provided CMS abilities by installing and templating
Movable Type. Note for the purpose of this email I'm using CMS to mean
something where the client can maintain thier own content.

Last summer we started a CMS package due diligence. I chose WP as a
possible light-weight alternative to MT and other options like  

In the minds of many on my tech team members and upper management,
they question if a CMS that generates dynamic pages can handle any
serious load. They actually like the concept in MT where every time
content is added you need to rebuild your pages. I've pointed out that
in recent versions of MT mow implement dynamic page generation.

So this was my reason for asking. Since Thanksgiving 2005 I'm crunched
through a dozen client site using WP. And have become the WP answer man
(I like this title) for project implementations using or considering  
WP. I've very
confident in the ability of WP and use of a caching plugin to handle  
a moderate

There is a big project under proposal. I'm pushing for WP. Others are  
for MT or other packages.

The key point here is that over the Christmas holiday I converted our  
own site to run under WP from MT.


On May 23, 2006, at 9:54 PM, Jefte Puente wrote:

> May I ask why there were aspersions cast up WP's ability to handle  
> load? I
> recall this being a common "fear" among the corporate types. Is  
> there a
> source?
> Jefte Puente
> Jefte.net
> On 5/23/06, Paul Menard <codehooligans at codehooligans.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Just wondering if there are any metrics on sites running WP?
>> I found the reference to About.com switching some of their site last
>> Fall on Matt's blog. But was looking for possibly a listing of some
>> major sites that have converted or are using WP. Just trying to build
>> a case with my management for using WP over other blog/cms packages.
>> Seems there is some major doubts WP can handle heavy traffic.
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