[wp-hackers] Can't enter trac

Satyam Satyam at satyam.com.ar
Sun May 21 14:32:31 GMT 2006

I can't enter the trac system. It keeps asking for my login.  I can enter 
the web interface of this list with no problem and have e-mailed myself the 
password (again) to confirm it.  What I am in doubt is, what goes into the 
username field of the login pop-up, is it

satyam at satyam.com.ar
satyam at satyam.com.ar
satyam--at--satyam.com.ar (my cookie has this one)

or what.Case sensitive?  The web interface uses all those to refer to me. 
Which is the one trac would use?  Using IE6


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