[wp-hackers] semantic web features?

Stewart Ugelow stewart at ugelow.com
Fri May 19 20:58:57 GMT 2006

You might take a look at the WordPress structured blogging plugin:



Stewart Ugelow
stewart at ugelow.com

On 5/19/06, AJ Chen <canovaj at gmail.com> wrote:
> There are plenty of discussions about what semantic web is or is not.  Those
> are fun to read, and I'm not going to try to make it more confused. But, I
> do want to say how I approach it.  I believe the web can become even more
> effective for data sharing and consumption if the data are also published in
> a more structured way that computer can easily understand and thus process.
> An example is blog feed using RSS1.0, which is in RDF format. Semantic web
> is evolving rapidly.  It will make sense to most people when it hits one
> killer application that has broad impact to the world.
> >From where I stand, I focus on solving specific problems using semantic web
> approach in combination with any other technologies that are required.  The
> problem I'm trying to solve is that researchers don't have an easy-to-use
> publishing tool to publish their studies in a RDF or ontology they choose.
> Since wordpress was initially built with the semantic publishing concept in
> mind, I would think it should be an ideal platform to implement more
> advanced semantic publishing functionality.  This feature is intended for
> the research community (for example, researchers in the life sciences sector
> where I work ),  not for general users.
> It's not difficult to imagine different plugins can be developed for
> different groups of users who require different ontologies to describe their
> parts of the world.  This direction would be a good thing for wordpress, I
> think.  I'm learning more about wordpress design and code now in order to
> have the specifics for implementation.  I would appreciate any light you can
> shed on this topic.
> Best,
> AJ

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