[wp-hackers] semantic web features?

Paul Mitchell wp-hackers at paul-mitchell.me.uk
Fri May 19 11:42:27 GMT 2006

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> ___/ On Fri 19 May 2006 11:33:19 BST, [ Paul Mitchell ] wrote : \___
>> What do you mean by "'semantic' web"? I've had trouble finding a
>> canonical definition. I understand the term to mean "self-describing
>> content".
> Bridge the gap between verbal description and more formal languages for
> expression. This can be done without detracting from human-readable text.
I feel much better knowing we're at least on the same wavelength. :)

Thanks for the links. I knew of microformats. One of my experimental
semantic-web plugins (I call it "Outreach Mission") was inspired by what
I read there.


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