[wp-hackers] semantic web features?

Paul Mitchell wp-hackers at paul-mitchell.me.uk
Fri May 19 10:33:19 GMT 2006

Russ (YAR) Gilman-Hunt wrote:
> Pardon my naivete... but how does the study of 'being' intersect with
> the 'semantic' web?
What do you mean by "'semantic' web"? I've had trouble finding a
canonical definition. I understand the term to mean "self-describing

The web as we know it was invented by nuclear physicists (and it shows).
Perhaps the semantic web will be invented by psychologists. A semantic
web could "know" itself and adapt to new content, which is a form of
"being". I'd study that for a dollar. I'll help build it for fun. If
only there were a spec...

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