[wp-hackers] do pages and posts make sense?

Elliotte Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Thu May 18 20:52:20 GMT 2006

Andy Skelton wrote:

> Markus, bear in mind the primary reason for pages: people need a unit
> of content that lives outside of the chronological structure of the
> weblog. Now imagine the category view with some pages mixed in. Where
> in the reverse chronological order would you put a page? It doesn't
> fit.

This seems fairly obvious to me, but perhaps otehr people have different 
schemes. For example,


is a post in the privacy category.


would be a page in the privacy category.

Links to /blog/privacy/virtual-account-numbers/ could appear on other 
pages in the privacy category, but not other pages in other categories 
such as tech or birds or travel.

This would probably need to be themeable so different schemes could be 

I'm not sure how easy that is to implement, but it doesn't seem hard to 

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