[wp-hackers] do pages and posts make sense?

Andy Staines andy at yellowswordfish.com
Thu May 18 19:42:12 GMT 2006

Andy: worthwhile it might not be but that shouldn't dispense with the  
fact that it is an oft-requested feature on the forums. And wouldn't  
not including categorised pages in category post lists just be  
another parameter to the tag..?

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On 07:48  PM |  Thu 18 May 06, at 07:48  PM |  18 May 06, Andy  
Skelton wrote:

> On 5/18/06, Markus Lutzer <m.lutzer at gmx.de> wrote:
>> According to discussions in several threads many people would like to
>> use categories for Pages. I think that such a feature would allow  
>> more
>> freedom in the structure of a website. AFAIK it would be easy to
>> implement it but could result into problems with category specific
>> templates. Is this true and are there other implications? Why can't
>> pages belong to categories? Are there any patches or plugins to  
>> address
>> this issue?
> Somebody slap Markus for saying the word "easy" without posting  
> some code. ;-)
> Markus, bear in mind the primary reason for pages: people need a unit
> of content that lives outside of the chronological structure of the
> weblog. Now imagine the category view with some pages mixed in. Where
> in the reverse chronological order would you put a page? It doesn't
> fit.
> It's possible to write a query to get a set of pages and then display
> them in some sort of order. The prime example is Manage Pages in the
> admin. You get the page titles listed in a hierarchical format. It's
> even possible to assign categories to pages in the database.
> What remains to be decided:
> * Whether it's even a worthwhile feature for WordPress
> * How to display a category view of pages
> * Whether and how to merge pages and posts in a category view
> My answer to 1 is "no" so I haven't spent any time on 2 or 3.
> Andy
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