[wp-hackers] A request.

Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Thu May 18 09:08:55 GMT 2006

On the forums list we are working toward a Free Installation service.
We have hit a stumbling block though and we need some code.

The last part of the process for a person using this (which is a 
standard blog) will be a form.
The contact form plugin will do the job but we need 3 additions:
1 - that WP generates a number, shows the number to the person and then 
when the form is submitted that number comes through to us. This will be 
the PIN for authentication.
2 - a check box that indicates they have read everything, agree with it 
all etc.
3 - And the appropriate error messages should anything be missing.

I'm aware that the collective minds here may think another method is 
better - and that may be the case - but right now the above would be 
great. We tend to not be that good with code on the forums list though 
so any help offered would be really great.
You could email me or post to the wp-forums list.


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