[wp-hackers] Blog posts sent using Flock "Cardinal" to wordpress.com strip images

lloyd at foolswisdom.com foolswisdom at gmail.com
Thu May 18 02:30:46 GMT 2006

Hi wp-hackers,
cc: Erwan, Flock blogging current owner

Blog posts sent using the version of Flock in development [1] to
wordpress.com strip images [2]. I am guessing this is not a wp.com
specific issue, and that the latest, developer versions of wp also
exhibit this.

The problem is not exhibited with Wordpress 2.0.2 self hosted.

We have not been able to figure out the cause of the problem, could you help?

My guess is it relates to Flock not putting a space before closing the
image tag. The developer writes "that's what's generated by Mozilla's
serializer and I'm pretty sure it's valid XML (and valid XHTML) with
or without the space."

[1] To download the version of Flock in devlopment, "Cardinal",
[2] http://bugzilla.flock.com/show_bug.cgi?id=3526

Thank you,
Lloyd D Budd

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