[wp-hackers] semantic web features?

AJ Chen canovaj at gmail.com
Wed May 17 19:42:14 GMT 2006

I'm new to wordpress development. Surprise that the mailing list archive is
not searchable.  I did search in docs and support forum, but could not find
much about any feature that supports the emerging semantic web.

I have been engaged in W3C's semantic web interest groups concerning life
sciences.  There are lots of research activities going on in the areas of
ontology and its applications in semantic web.  I see a need for a
user-friendly publishing tool for general users to publish data in ontology
or rdf. (Ontology editor is more for specialist, I think)  After comparing a
host of wiki tools and blog tools, I think Wordpress is a better platform to
implement features supporting semantic web development. I saw lots of
discussions on another thread concerning development slow down. I guess
semantic web may be one place to find new trend/opportunity.

Did anybody implement a plugin for supporting any ontology or rdf? I know
RSS1.0 is in rdf. Because there are lots of ontologies and they keep
evolving, I would like to know if wordpress is easy to be extended to
support one specific ontology today but also many new ontologies as the
semantic web advances.  Do you think anything is needed to add to the core
code or simply adding new plugins is sufficient?

The features I have in mind will include:
- GUI editor with multiple input fields
- save/export input data in RDF/ontology
- organizing data by categories

Any comment is welcome.


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