[wp-hackers] Is WordPress Development Slowing Down?

Robert Deaton false.hopes at gmail.com
Mon May 15 11:21:50 GMT 2006

On 5/15/06, Roy Schestowitz <r at schestowitz.com> wrote:
> To  clarify in advance, this is a benign case of curiosity; not a rant.  I
> have  been  meaning to ask this for a couple of month, but was too shy  to
> say anything. Figures seem to indicate that, based on the (admittedly poor
> indicator  which is) number of commits, WordPress changes less and less as
> time  goes on. A decline from half a dozen commits per day to just 1 or  2
> is noticeable.

I think this view is based on only the relatively small subset of time
you have watched commits. Every few months, after a major stable
release has been out a while and some of the larger features for the
next release have been started, commits slowly trickle down. Following
this period of slowness, usually comes a burst of activity directly
prior to a release. After the release is a second burst of activity,
fixing all the bugs in the prior release, and after that's taken care
of, is one last burst of activity on the new branch with all the new
features that have been enqueue during the test-release-fix cycles.
Following that, we're where we are right now, in the lull between two

--Robert Deaton

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