[wp-hackers] Introducing myself

Darryl VanDorp darryl at vandorp.ca
Fri May 12 15:02:49 GMT 2006

Hi Dan,

I've wondered what you were up to these days....

Trac and a ticket seem the way to go.

Darryl VanDorp


On 5/11/06, Dan Kuykendall <dan at kuykendall.org> wrote:
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> Just joined the mailing list and figured I would introduce myself.
> My name is Dan Kuykendall, generally known as Seek3r Ive been doing PHP
> development for about 8 years. I created the phpGroupWare project amoung
> a few other smaller projects and currently have been working on a
> WordPress plugin called podPress which adds full podcasting support to
> WordPress.

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