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Dan Kuykendall dan at kuykendall.org
Thu May 11 15:54:42 GMT 2006

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Just joined the mailing list and figured I would introduce myself.

My name is Dan Kuykendall, generally known as Seek3r Ive been doing PHP
development for about 8 years. I created the phpGroupWare project amoung
a few other smaller projects and currently have been working on a
WordPress plugin called podPress which adds full podcasting support to


Ive been very happy with the design of wordpress and the great deal of
support for plugins and all the action and filter locations sprinkled
through the entire app.

Ive been able to accomplish quite a good deal of integration without
needing to modify the wordpress files, but as I get into certain
features its getting harder and harder. For example, I really wish there
was support for plugins to extend the categories page, which currently
has none, and the database is not setup to really support any additional
Ive also had to create replacement versions of the wp-rss2.php,
wp-atom.php and wp-feeds.php to accomplish certain goals. On this Ive
been a little curious as to what the overall policy is for this kind of
thing. My changes can easily be integrated into wordpress and are not
limited in usefulness to just my plugin. Is there some way to offer up
tweaked versions of files to the developers in control, so that they
become part of the standard releases?

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Dan Kuykendall (aka Seek3r)

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