[wp-hackers] Easytags template system

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Wed May 10 12:03:41 GMT 2006

Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> Owen Winkler wrote:
>> There is a large body of other arguments against easytags and for 
>> native code.  I'm omitting those here to prevent myself from imploding.
> I wasn't suggesting a template system at all, just a filter on the WP 
> template-editing textareas that make the template syntax friendlier for 
> people editing through the web form.

Heh.  I wasn't aware that anyone used that page.  :)

Are you suggesting that TinyMCE be used there, too?  Or would this be a 
textarea-only (or set by the existing user toggle?) option?

Considering now what you really have in mind, I don't see a problem in 
adding a pre and post filter on that editor and letting plugins handle 
it.  I'm still not enamored with the idea of weighing down the core with 
easytags for a feature (the built-in template editor) that I doubt many 
people use.  Some polling of regular users might be useful.

Note to others in the thread: Please re-read Matt's reply to mine. 
Templates wouldn't change, just the admin editor page.  It would have 
filters that converted things like <wp:loop></wp:loop> into their php 
counterparts on save, and vice-versa on load.  At no point would a theme 
file actually contain those tags.  (Right, Matt?)


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