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> In addition, it is often brought up that people would like to choose their
> own dashboard feeds.

Yes,  this  was mentioned before in this mailing list. This can easily  be
achieved  by plugging in RSS Merge v0.2.0, which is closely-related to the
WordPress   codebase,   but  is  not  dependent  or  restricted   by   it:

To provide its short introduction:

,----[ Quote ]
| Typically, printing several RSS feeds from various blogs on a single page
| is known as aggregation. This script not only aggregates RSS feeds
| however, it also merges and sorts them by date using the merge sort
| algorithm. The result is a blog of postings from several blogs.

Of  course,  it's also possible to use the exiting framework  and  there's
Planet  as well < http://www.planetplanet.org/ > . These tools give wider,
more  flexible real estate (in the context of screen size) and can obviate
the need for bloated desktop/Web-based RSS reader

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