[wp-hackers] mod rewrite problems

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Thu May 4 12:57:19 GMT 2006

> It takes me two days to learn mod rewrite and regular expressions
>and 20 minutes to forget it again :-) Just won't stick and if I 
> need it once in a while I'm lost. Thanks again.

You're not the only one. RegEx should not be so difficult to learn.
It's just a straight forward set of rules.  But like you say, it 
just doesn't stick.  I think half the problem for me is that 1and1 
has some overriding HTACCESS settings and some of the things that
should work just don't.  So, half the time, I think I am writing 
correctly syntaxed RegEx and 1and1 is blocking it. The other 
half of the time, I've corrupted the expression trying to fix what
isn't broken. That gives me a near 100% failure rating and when I 
do get it working, I just chock/chalk that up to statistical error.

Brian Layman

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