[wp-hackers] the_content breaking XHTML validity

Ryan Scheuermann ryan at concept64.com
Wed May 3 21:00:42 GMT 2006

Thanks Andy,

I didn't think of that.

I found it: Changeset 1039
Date: Mar 2004
Message is: fixed multiple breakage possibilities with feeds

If that is true, should this only be applicable in the_content_rss and 
not the_content?  Regardless if that is true, I think this would be 
better suited to a filter call.  I think someone with more experience 
with the core should look at this though.  It's probably only a minor 


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Andy Skelton wrote:
> On 5/2/06, Ryan Scheuermann <ryan at concept64.com> wrote:
>>     $content = str_replace(']]>', ']]&gt;', $content);    <---  WHY 
>> HERE?
>> Can someone with a broader sense of the system explain why the_content
>> is doing this here instead of in the filter?  Is this a bug or is there
>> a reason I'm not seeing?  Trunk code, btw.
> Take a look in trac and find when that line was added. There may be a
> good explanation in the related ticket.
> Andy
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