[wp-hackers] Regarding trailing slashes and a desire to lose them

Rob Mientjes robmientjes at gmail.com
Tue May 2 14:03:21 GMT 2006

Hello all,

I was informed that this is a touchy subject, but I want to raise it
anyhow as I just really want to see it change.

Basically, everywhere I look I see WordPress people endorsing trailing
slashes and shooting down people who want it otherwise. I can see why
trailing slashes make sense. For me, personally, they don't on posts
and Pages, however. I consider my posts and Pages objects in the
folder [root]/ or /2006/05/. That itself may be a topic of discussion,
but it is possible, I know it is: why isn't there the option to make
it so? Abolishing non-trailing-slash URIs should be the default
option, tops. Not the sole option.

On that topic, is it possible to modify WordPress (preferably through
a plug-in) to kill the trailing slash on posts and Pages and make sure
everything adheres to that, i.e. w/ trailing slash 301 forwards to


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