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Alex King lists at alexking.org
Thu Mar 30 22:34:14 GMT 2006

I think the conversation should change to: What is the best way to  
create and maintain inline documentation if it won't be checked into  

A number of features currently in/or being added to WP were initially  
rejected when first proposed. This is a good idea, and it shouldn't  
be stopped cold because Matt doesn't like it right off the bat.

This is still an OS project - if the community is willing to support  
and create this documentation, it should be included. I'd bet a  
nickel that Matt might be willing to reconsider if presented with a  
full set of documentation. Of course, the flip side to this is that  
if the documentation isn't completed, it's easy for it to be dismissed.

My recommendation is that the documentation effort be revived,  
perhaps on a local branch that someone is willing to maintain, and  
that the finished documentation be presented to WP for consideration  
when it is complete.

--Alex King

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On Mar 29, 2006, at 7:16 PM, Kirk Steffensen wrote:

> Yeah.  It made sense and would have helped plugin writers, so it  
> was put to
> a quick death.
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> It was killed, it did not die off.

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