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Matt Mullenweg m at
Fri Mar 17 00:02:06 GMT 2006

lloyd at wrote:
> What is an estimate when 2.1 will be? example Q4 2006.

Assuming development continues at its current pace, I would imagine we 
stop adding big features in early May.

>> What are the goals?

There were a couple of things from 2.0 roadmap that didn't make the cut:

Of these I think a few are worth pursuing:

* XML import/export
* Better uploading functionality
* Link manager / Bookmark overhaul
* WYSIWYG enhancements, spell checking and autosave
* Backend design improvements from Shuttle
* Update checking for WP, plugins, and themes
* Better contextual documentation

> Is Severity="enhancement", the correct way for me to identify what are new
> planned features for 2.1 ? Any way for me to identify roughly when they are
> planned to be implemented, what are the highest risk, or most "interesting"
> items?

Last version we took submissions through the Codex, simply because it 
was a lower barrier to entry and didn't clutter Trac.

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