[wp-hackers] Double Postings? Am I seeing double?

Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Thu Mar 16 08:54:57 GMT 2006

___/ On Thu 16 Mar 2006 08:19:20 GMT, [ Peter Westwood ] wrote : \___

> Mark Jaquith wrote:
>> On Mar 15, 2006, at 7:59 PM, Evan Broder wrote:
>>> I got the same thing for 3 or 4 different threads. Actually, I found
>>> it stranger that I got the double postings after about 2 days of
>>> complete silence on the list.
>> The lists were silent because they were down.  Unfortunately this
>> coincided with Matt being away at SXSW, so it went unfixed for about 36
>> hours.  I submitted a ticket to TextDrive, and they brought the lists
>> back up and said that it was processing the old messages.  The
>> duplicates could be a combination of people double posting or some
>> artifact of the system being down.  The latter would be my main guess.
>> 'course if this message shows up twice, we'll know that something else
>> is up.
> Suspicously all the "double postings" have the following in them:
> - -------------------- m2f --------------------
> <snip what="junk">
> - -------------------- m2f --------------------
> And come from the same server - http://wpg2.ozgreg.com/forums/
> Someone is reposting posts back to the lists!
> Thankfully it seems to have stopped

Given the sporadic lag in between such posts, it would be wise to assume
this was spam. It forged senders' addresses to get past moderation and used
identical content for  disguise. The forger was not even wise enough to
strip off the appended footer. It must the price of having decent PageRank
in the archives.


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