[wp-hackers] intro myself, Lloyd "foolswisdom" Budd, should be a good tester ; -)

lloyd at foolswisdom.com foolswisdom at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 06:58:37 GMT 2006


I want to introduce myself. I am looking to contribute to Wordpress
primarily in testing and quality reporting. I will be volunteering at least
5 hours starting this week and every week until I say otherwise.

I am one of the two person QA team for Flock. I have the great pleasure of
working with Eli Goldberg. Oh, I don't like the the term QA -- I don't
assure quality, I report on the quality to influence the stakeholders to
improve the quality. I have about five years relevant experience mostly in
enterprise solutions. For 4 years I was with IBM on a High Availability,
Down System DB2 Advanced Support team.

I think Wordpress is the premiere blogging platform, and open source is an
important value proposition to me. I am also a great fan of Matt Mullenweg
;-) I My contribution so far has only been in promoting Wordpress. Most
recently on Gerv Markham's blog, but my second comment has not yet been
approved by Gerv.

I don't like public speaking, but I have gotten up at two conferences and
made sure Wordpress was in the context. Both were recorded ;-)

Peace be in you,
Lloyd D Budd
http://www.foolswisdom.com/~lloyd/ <http://www.foolswisdom.com/%7Elloyd/>

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