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Sat Mar 11 09:02:01 GMT 2006

On 3/10/06, David House <dmhouse at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 11/03/06, David Chait <davebytes at comcast.net> wrote:
> > Email to wp-hackers for releases, in big capital letters.  That I'd see --
> > we'd all see.  I don't watch the devblog, I don't have a dashboard.  If
> > there's a wp-announce for releases, security issues, etc., I guess I'd
> > subscribe.  Signal to noise would be low... ;)
> Simple solution: subscribe to the devblog. No point duplicating the information.
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I think what Podz and others are looking for is something BEFORE hand.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the devblog post comes at release.
Knowing before hand allows the support team to prepare, and not wake
up to a nightmare on the forums.

 On 3/10/06, Ryan Boren <ryan at boren.nu> wrote:
>  From where I sit, notice is a luxury.  We often get no notice when
> these illiterate security notices hit the lists and we get flooded with
> hysterical questions in response.  We race to address these issues and
> do damage control with the Linux distributions and hosting providers.
> All of this is done while bile and whinging is flung at us.  So, I'm
> less than sympathetic to pleas for a luxury that I am rarely afforded.
> In my opinion, there was plenty of time for everyone to prepare for 2.0.2.
> Ryan

Notice is a LUXURY for people who donate loads of their time to
supporting your product? I think not. Most people/companies pay large
sums of money to people like Podz who output the quality of support
that he does (as far as I know, he doesn't get any money for such
things, and even if he does, this applies to some others in the
support community, I'm sure).

I'm sorry you have to deal with these horrid "security releases," but
that comes with the territory of being a developer of a large
open-source project. There could have been an official response to the
earlier security releases (as Robert Deaton recommended), but there
was none, and therefore, you got no relead. If you don't want to deal
with the damage control, get a PR manager as suggested earlier in the
thread. That would -completely- deal with that problem.

So to say you're less than sympathetic to pleas for what you call a
"luxury" seems to me to be complete and utter bull. I'd hate to seem
like some dev-hating loon, but I will not let myself hold back my
opinion on this one. While I don't disagree that 2.0.2 had enough
notice, I have seen other versions that didn't have as much
notification. Notice, if only for big forum contributers such as Podz,
should be considered a mandate, not a luxury.

Joey Brooks
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