[wp-hackers] Community Views on Now and the Future

Les Bessant les at lcb.me.uk
Fri Mar 10 19:09:46 GMT 2006

What I think Podz is asking for is a "heads-up" post to the wp-forums list
when a new version is released. Ideally *before* it's released, so that
support forum volunteers can be aware that there is likely to be a rush of
questions about that new release. In the case of a "security fix" release, I
can understand that it's not always possible to give much notice, but the
forums list does need to be informed as soon as possible.

Support can be a rough, thankless task (I'll spare you the moans about my
day job), and it isn't made any easier when information is not disseminated.
Not all support people are monitoring trac - they're just people who *use*
WP and like to help other people who use it.

It's not unreasonable to ask for a warning or announcement. It *is*
unreasonable, in my not even remotely humble opinion, to dismiss such
requests this way.

Les Bessant les at lcb.me.uk
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On 10/03/06, Podz <podz at tamba2.org.uk> wrote:
> Where?

Just under the "Milestone 2.0.2" text.

> That doesn't help then does it?

Who exactly is this comment aimed at? No dev could have done anything
about the delay.

Someone decided on that date, it was placed onto trac. Trac is
development central. Now you know where things are is everything okay?

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