[wp-hackers] Community Views on Now and the Future

Rich Bowen rbowen at rcbowen.com
Fri Mar 10 13:34:07 GMT 2006

Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> Rich Bowen wrote:
>> Democracy is not chaos. You just have to be selective about those to
>> whom you grant citizenship. Works very well for Apache.
> That seems like it would cause the same "inner circle" problems alluded
> to in another thread.

And, yet, it doesn't. That only happens if the barrier to entry is too
high, and is arbitrary. When it is low and well documented, then
everyone understands exactly what it takes to become a committer, and
nobody can be arbitrarily excluded for unspecified reasons.

No, I'm not suggesting that everyone can, or should, operate in The
Apache Way. I'm just saying that it doesn't necessarily lead to chaos
and madness.

Rich Bowen
rbowen at rcbowen.com

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