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> On 3/4/06, Robert Deaton <false.hopes at gmail.com> wrote:
>> <snip content="feedback request">
> I wish people were, on the whole, friendlier, the way they used to be,
> more considerate of others, more tolerant, and less prone to jumping
> to conclusions. I am not talking about developers, or users, or any
> subset of people. Just everyone, in general. For someone who helps out
> in his spare time, having to put up with personal comments of an evil
> nature, slander, indifference and having one's motives questioned
> isn't very nice. I have been through those things before. It slowly
> takes the fun out of participating, you know, and you tend to think of
> something as a chore. That's the point where I'd stop contributing.
> That point could be different for different people, but people, please
> be nice to each other, and more tolerant.
> The forums stopped being a nice place, and these days I sometimes find
> the tone and voice vicious over there. The #wordpress chat room wasn't
> as obscene, or filled with inane oneliners.
> The number of people who actively contribute are far more now, and
> that is really cool. May they be recognized and appreciated, so they
> get encouraged to do more.

I agree with you fully, Carthik. Though I don't have a basis for comparison,
I found the forums to be full of vanity and demand. I participated heavily
for a week due to a committed I had made, but I soon realised it was not
for me. Other communities were friendlier and more inviting.

> Yo, Skippy! Hang in there. Don't leave :)

I'd second that. WordPress needs you, buddy.

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