[wp-hackers] New Security Vulnerability?

Ron Guerin ron at vnetworx.net
Thu Mar 9 21:58:20 GMT 2006

David Chait wrote:
> Steve, you mind posting that as a reply on the sf website?
> Also, seriously, isn't pretty much every script on every website is 
> susceptible to some form, better or worse, of DoS attack?  Is there anything 
> unique to WP here?  Wouldn't ANY hacker script that quickly, repeatedly 
> opens up near-unlimited sockets to a website be a "DoS attack"?  Aside from 
> the particular 'mechanics' of registering a user, why is this any 'more' of 
> a DoS than anything else?

SecurityFocus needs a moderator to keep this kind of crap off the list.
This is no better than the "power vulnerability", whereby if you cut the
power cord to a server, it will stop running.

- Ron

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