[wp-hackers] Community Views on Now and the Future

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Wed Mar 8 18:54:19 GMT 2006

Jefte Puente wrote:
> How true. End users can never have any valid insights on the package... how
> could they? They aren't as smart as coders. Coders are always the best
> testers for software - not the clueless end user. Sigh...

I doubt you would find any contributors who agree with that statement.

> I concur wholeheartedly. If one is not part of the "inner circle" of Matt's
> friends, commentary is unwanted and swiftly rejected. If one cannot code PHP
> or any other language, one is instructed to learn to program - and do it
> oneself. Not a very welcoming attitude, and far different from the other
> open source communities I have been a part of.

I would say the Shuttle group is a pretty strong counter-example to 
this. They've had a very strong influence on 2.0 and continue to do so 
even though none of them code.

While some people may have been friends before they got involved with 
WordPress, everyone I know in the team I met through their contributions.

There is no inner circle, there's just people who get things done and 
people who don't. I have little regard for the latter. There are tons of 
ways for non-code people to get things done and contribute tremendously, 
as numerous stars on the Codex and forums have shown.

That said, people working on a project for fun in their spare time are 
less likely to tolerate assholes. Life's too short.

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