[wp-hackers] Community Views on Now and the Future

Ryan Duff ryan at ryanduff.net
Sun Mar 5 22:44:39 GMT 2006

Ryan Boren wrote:
> Scott Merrill wrote:
>> I think there's not much leadership.  I think there's an autocracy,
>> whereby one person (Matt) makes the bulk of the policy decisions.  Matt
>> doesn't inspire participation.  He doesn't participate much on the
>> mailing lists, when people are struggling with things that specifically
>> need "official" response (see Robert Deaton's plea to squash the
>> security rumors); but he has plenty of time to let us know he's going to
>> hand out tee shirts at conferences.
> A security announcement is forth coming.  A lot goes on behind the 
> scenes that sometimes delays "official" response.

But any response is better than no response. Even if it isn't an 
"official" response yet to the community, acknowledgment of the 
issue/problem/concern is courtesy.

I understand its hard to keep up with life, work, email, etc. but when 
issues like security come up, some sort of acknowledgment is in line.

Ryan Duff
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