[wp-hackers] Community Views on Now and the Future

Marcus Grellert wp at lynk.de
Sun Mar 5 19:27:05 GMT 2006

This essay on the formal and informal structure of groups, orginally
targeting the
women’s liberation movement, is I think a must read for every open
source project, dev , leader:

Even though I am not a core contributer, a few points I missed while
following the WP project.

- transparency of and participation in the decision process
- active PR. This recent XSS hole incident has been handled very poorly
and I guess a lot of trust
in the security of wordpress has been lost with the not so savvy
(potentional) users

- the new design and layout of the forum/codex is a big step backwards
in terms of usability.
- useless, broken search on wordpress.org

Regarding the lack of money. Why is there no donate button on wordpress.org?


Scott Merrill wrote:

>>- What are your views on project's leadership? 
>I think there's not much leadership.  I think there's an autocracy,
>whereby one person (Matt) makes the bulk of the policy decisions. [...]



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