[wp-hackers] Community Views on Now and the Future

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Sun Mar 5 00:19:07 GMT 2006

steve caturan wrote:
> hi Ryan,
> sorry, i meant, the IRC channels. thanks for the quick feedback, that 
> cleared up a lot of questions I've been withholding since i started 
> usingthe WordPress platform back in April 2004.

A dev IRC channel would be nice as long as we can keep it on topic.  I 
confess that I have to be in a certain mood to join #wordpress and 
listen to the rants.  Usually a bottle or two of wine gets me in the 
right frame of mind. ;-)

Maybe even three IRC channels.

#wordpress - Community chat, rag on the devs and their egomaniacal 
stupidity, discuss impending demise of WP, rant about politics, flirt, etc.

#wordpress-dev - Design and implementation of core WP and plugins.

#wordpress-help - Help users with problems and questions.


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